Air Fresheners

Create a Welcoming Environment

Air fresheners help keep your bathroom smelling fresh, but can be a nuisance if you always need to change the batteries. We’ve got you covered with a variety of passive air freshening options to keep your facility smelling clean 24/7.

air freshener

F-MATIC Air Freshener


  • Covers 6,000 cubic feet of space
  • Contains a molecular odor combatant that fights to get rid of odors as opposed to masking them
  • Environmentally friendly - 100% recyclable and battery-free
  • No batteries, no fan, and is mounted by doors

We offer the following scents:

  • Mountain Breeze
  • Orange Grove
  • Mango

Want the ultimate odor control? Combine your air fresheners with matching scented urinal screens or toilet clips to maximize freshness!

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