Our History

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Our Story

In 1998, Andy Johnes and Doug Parrish established the foundation of the St. Louis Mat Company. Drawing upon their collective expertise within the laundry industry, they identified an opening to introduce the latest floor mat innovations at a more affordable rate, ready to serve businesses in the St. Louis Area.

This dynamic duo jumped into action. By day, Doug undertook the task of collecting and delivering floor mats, utilizing a pickup truck. By night, Andy meticulously washed, dried, and rolled these mats within a rented basement space. Their shared vision, centered on customer satisfaction and forging local business alliances, fueled their relentless commitment to this process.

Since its humble beginnings in 1998, St. Louis Mat Company experienced extraordinary expansion. In the year of 2010, the company took a significant step by acquiring a nearby linen company, a move that propelled them to rename the business St. Louis Mat & Linen Company. Our service area expanded rapidly, lending support and services to an array of businesses within the St. Louis bi-state region. From commercial kitchens and hotels to spa facilities, we have thrived in our aspiration to provide exceptional services.

Our Commitment to You

Experience the difference of working with a local company dedicated to connection and continuous progress.