Premium Towel Rental Services

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Keeping Your Business Clean for over 25 Years!

Maintaining the appearance of your business has never been easier, thanks to St. Louis Mat & Linen's comprehensive range of high-quality towels. Our towel rental solutions are tailored to cater to various surfaces and cleanup requirements, ensuring your facility stays clean.

A Towel for Every Cleaning Need

At St. Louis Mat & Linen, we understand that different surfaces demand specialized care. Our diverse collection of towels addresses the unique cleaning challenges your business encounters. These towels play a pivotal role in presenting your business in the best light possible. Learn more about our offerings below!

gold stripe kitchen towel

32 oz. Gold Stripe Kitchen Towel

Ideal for tackling back-of-the-house kitchen areas, this towel is designed to excel in the most demanding environments. Featuring a classic white base adorned with a single gold stripe, it's a mark of distinction in kitchen cleanliness.

microfiber cleaning towel

16' x 16' Microfiber Cleaning Towel

Experience the pinnacle of absorbency and lint-free cleaning with our microfiber marvel. Versatile and efficient, this towel comes in our recommended color, black.


16' x 19' Low Lent Herringbone Towel

Perfectly suited for front-of-the-house cleaning tasks, including tables and bars, this towel combines aesthetics with functionality. Its white foundation with a stripe adds a touch of elegance to your cleaning regimen.

low lent pinstripe glass towel

Low-Lent Pinstripe Glass Towel

Specifically designed for pristine glass cleaning, this towel ensures streak-free brilliance. Its white backdrop, adorned with red stripes, exudes professionalism and is a staple in maintaining glass surfaces' crystal clarity.

Enhance Your Business’ Cleanliness Today

Experience the difference of working with a local provider like St. Louis Mat & Linen. From restaurant towels to microfiber towels, we cater to your every need, offering convenience and quality. Contact us now to step into a cleaner, more impressive future.