Country Clubs


Elevated Excellence for St. Louis’ Country Clubs

When it comes to country clubs, a commitment to sophistication and excellence is a hallmark. At St. Louis Mat & Linen, we offer a range of essentials including floor mats, towels, aprons, napkins, and restroom supplies. Let us help you create an environment that captivates, from the moment members step foot through your doors.

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    Luxurious Linens: Elevating Every Detail

In a country club, every detail matters. Our linens are crafted with a blend of luxury and practicality. Make an impression at your next special event with our collection of elegant round linens. Available in custom colors and sizing, our table linens add sophistication to weddings, receptions, and formal dining. Additionally, our lightweight fabrics offer both beauty and practicality - perfect for distinguishing your club as a premier special event venue.

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    Make an Impression with Our Cloth Napkins

Elevate your country club with our premium cloth napkins, available in a wide variety of colors. Impress your members and create a visually stunning setting with our high-quality napkins.

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    Wipe Away Stress with Our Towel Rental Programs

Your guests will feel like VIPS from the first drive to the final putt. Our bath and cart towels are designed to stand up to use and frequent washings.

Your members and guests may not remember the clean, plush towels they used in the locker room. They would remember if they were not clean or well taken care of. We provide high-quality, durable towels that are consistently clean and comfortable. Give your members an experience worthy of your country club with our towel rental programs that are designed to pamper, and won’t fray or thin over time.

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    Make a Grand Entrance with Our Floor Mats

The entrance to a country club sets the tone for what lies beyond. Our floor mats are more than just functional; they provide brand consistency throughout your facility. Designed to welcome guests while maintaining cleanliness, our floor mats ensure that everyone who enters the building has a good first impression.

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    Specialized Cleaning for Your Linens

Our specialized service includes scheduled batch cleaning tailored exclusively to your linens. We handle all laundering and maintenance using eco-friendly processes personalized to your club. With our linen rental service, we never mix your linens with someone else’s, helping to prevent cross-contamination and preserve longevity for your linens and products.

Your Partner in Creating Memories

Make your club known around town for having stunning events and a clean environment. From aprons designed to meet staff comfort and functionality to napkins that reflect your commitment to refinement, our product range caters to every part of your country club. We understand that country clubs are more than just venues; they're places where memories are made and legacies are built. Whether it's ensuring that members are greeted with soft and absorbent towels or providing impeccable napkins for fine dining, our products enhance the overall experience. 

Contact us today to discover how we can be your partner in creating an experience that's worthy of your club!