The Ultimate Hospitality Experiences with St. Louis Mat & Linen

We specialize in full-service linen rental programs designed around a hotel's unique needs. Our scheduled pickups, industrial laundering, and deliveries simplify linen management - allowing staff to focus fully on guest experiences. With cost-effective rentals instead of purchases, we help streamline back-of-house operations.

  • batch process

    Batch Processing. Caring for Your Linens from Start to Finish

We understand the importance of properly cleaning and sanitizing your linens while also maintaining their quality over time. That's why we utilize a batch processing system.

Unlike some providers that mix items from multiple customers, our batch-processing system keeps your linens separate throughout our plant. Your linens are washed, dried, and finished as a group, rather than combined with other customers' items. This prevents any cross-contamination and allows us to tailor our processes to the specific needs of your linens.

How does it work?

  1. We pick up your dirty linens
  2. Process them in our facility through an Isolated Wash Process
  3. They move to Flatwork Ironing Process
  4. Then on to Flatwork Folding Process
  5. Delivered back to you crisp, clean and ready to go!

Benefits to You & Your Business

  • No Cross Contamination
  • Your products all stay together
  • No sharing and no medical mix-ups
  • Customized formulas and handling for YOUR linens
  • table round linen rental

    Special Event Linens: Elevating Every Detail

When your property is the setting for special events like weddings, corporate meetings and holiday parties, your banquet rooms and table settings are the first things guests will see. You can help your customers create their picture-perfect setting with a range of colors and sizes for tablecloths and napkins to match their vision.

Our team will handle the inventory management, delivery, and pick-up of the linens and of course, keeping those linens in excellent condition event after event. 

We’re here to help you provide the best options in linens, leaving your customers (and their guests) with a great impression.

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    Enhance Guest Experience with Cloth Napkins

At a hotel, every detail contributes to your guest experience. Our cloth napkin rental service provides a diverse selection of colors to complement the aesthetic of your hotel and elevate the guest experience.

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    Luxury Hotel Bedding, Linens and Towels

From the moment guests enter, their experience is shaped by every detail, down to your hotel bedding and towels. More importantly, clean, crisp bedding sets the tone for their stay. You can count on us to maintain quality linens and towels that align with your brand standards giving your staff more time to focus on the guest experience.

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    Eco-Friendly Industrial Cleaning

Our industrial washers use less water and energy than on-premise laundry machines. We customize cleaning formulas based on your linen materials, extending fabric longevity. Our methods meet eco-friendly standards for water usage and discharge. With scheduled pickups and delivery, enjoy fresh linens without environmental impact.

Your Partner in Elevating Guest Experiences

Elevate your guests' experience with St. Louis Mat & Linen's products. Whether you require floor mats, towels, napkins, or restroom supplies, our offerings are designed to exceed expectations. Contact us today to discover how we can help you provide the best stay for your guests.